Interior Realms

An anthology of sixteen newly commissioned pieces of writing – essays, poems, prose poems, short stories – and two interviews, I co-edited with Andrea Cetrulo for Theatrum Mundi.

The book is accompanied by an audio compilation including ten homemade tracks that reflect the ways in which architectural spaces shape music production and how that music, in turn, transforms architecture’s atmospheric qualities.

Interior Realms includes my short story “Travelling Home”, exploring desk-top travel without physical movement.

Published in March 2021.

Alison Irvine/ Andrea Cetrulo / Casper Laing Ebbensgaard / Cecily Chua / Charlotte Law / Cucina Povera / ENDGAME / Flora Pitrolo / Jason Bahbak Mohaghegh / John Bingham-Hall / Labeja Kodua Okullu / Lyall Hakaraia / Marta Michalowska / Meghana Bisineer / Michael Salu / Niall Campbell / Pol Esteve Castelló / R.W.P/ Rut Blees Luxemburg / Satu Streatfield / Stephen Sutcliffe / Victor Ginesta / Vladimir Muratovski Divo aka Elektro Kultura / William Messenger

A domain of reflection, a zone of imagination, a sphere of cosmic reverie, a field of observation, an empire of fleeting thoughts, a territory of contemplation, a province of desires, an orbit of fantasy.